The Great Photosensitivity Test: Passed!

So, I figured up a way to REALLY test to see if my photosensitivity was gone.  See, one of the things guaranteed to trigger it has always been sunscreen – which is a problem when you’re fair skinned and really like to burn!

Of course, the problem was I’d usually end up finding something that would set it off anyways, so I’d come back from something that was an outside event, and break out within hours.

After the removal of the Basal Cell Carcinoma, I haven’t exhibited symptoms of photosensitivity.  I’ve cut down a tree in the back yard, bundled it up, etc. – so I’ve had some time in the sun without a problem.  But, I really had to know:  was it really gone?

This weekend was The Great Plains Renaissance Festival, which means two days of sun and fun 🙂  I spend a lot of time under the tent, but, I always end up in the sunlight enough to either get a sunburn, or had a breakout.  Well, I decided it was about the best test for photosensitivity I’d ever get:  I put on some SPF 50, and spent time in the sun both days.

WOOOHHHHHOOOOO!  Praise God Almighty!  I’m not broke out!  Almost no odd spots at all!   I say almost:  shaving my head is about like shaving my face:  if I’m going to get sweaty and dirty, and I shaved either that day or late the night before, I get shaving bumps on my neck, and the back of my head for some reason does the same thing.  I ended up with non-photosensitivity spots there, but that’s it!

No itchy face, no itchy head, no itchy arms.  Nothing.  That means that yes, there was an association between the Basal Cell Carcinoma an my photosensitivity, and that it means I’ve probably had Basal Cell Carcinoma – even if it went unnoticed – on my face for over a decade.  Wow.  That’s pretty wild!

I am SO glad that’s over with!

The Great Photosensitivity Test: Passed! 3

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