The Smoking Thing

The Smoking Treatment

Well, I did that whole stop smoking treatment thing.  Damn that was kick ass.  Three shots (one in the arm, one behind each ear.  Ouch on the ears ones.)  I gave up my Pepsi and my smokes.

Talk about a walk in the park.  It’s damned easy to quit.  Of course, they also have you sedated for about two weeks (Phenobarb + Belladonna Alkaloids.  Yeah, don’t OD on that shit!)  So I have to say I’ve been in a fairly good mood most of the time ;-) 

Quitting the caffene kick was pretty simple – no caffene headaches this time.  I drink mostly water (haven’t even been drinking teas), though I have two A & W Root Beers a day.  Yes, it’s sugary, but, I’m having a 20oz bottle, not my previous 52 oz. QT cup :-)  I also try to have a glass of V8 in the morning (I’m not supposed to take any supplements until after I’m done with the entire dose of my meds – which end in like two days or so).

Tammy introduced me to some crystal light flavor packets for water.  Gonna try some of those – taste ok, but, somehow I think the straight water is a better thing.  Even if the tap water tastes like crap most of the time 😉

We’ll see what happens in two days when my meds are done and over with to see if it continues to be this easy.

Oh, and one of the beauties of the meds – part Phenobarbitol.  Which means not a single problem with insomnia anymore 😉

Meanwhile I’ve been keeping busy with work, and trying to plan out where I’m gonna be moving to.  Problem is there are just so many choices – I’ve got suggestions from Brandon and Meredith both that sound pretty good, and one I thought was rather cool.  Then there’s the possibility of renting something like a trailer (I can get a fairly new one for cheap), or a house. 

Ug, too many choices.

Had a decent enough weekend – was hoping to get the first of my checks from the current run of work on Friday, but it didn’t happen.  Instead, I played games at Brandon’s house on Saturday night, then went home, got a ‘help!” call from Tammy (hehehe – she lost her phone, and had to use her Brother’s phone to call me, so I helped her comb a WalMart looking for a missing iPhone.  We founded.  Wish I had a picture of her kissing my feet in the middle of WalMart ;-)  Ended up staying at her house, curled up on the couch watching I Am Legend (a decent movie – not great, but not bad) and getting home at 6:45 AM.  Which means Sunday was a complete waste 🙂

Pretty soon here my current run of work will come to an end – this week I think.  There’s still a startup to do for it (as early as this month, as late as the end of March.  Don’t you love these timetables for startups? :-).  I’ve got a couple more jobs lined up (smaller ones), but, I’ve already started making phonecalls to see if anyone needs anything.  Once I’ve got the money from all this work, it’s time to do another advertising experement and see where it goes from there. 60 hours a month, that’s all I need to be really happy.  40 hours a month pays all the bills plus some left over (based on a pessimistic bill plan, though since I don’t know for sure what my rent payment is gonna be, it’s not a perfect bill plan yet).

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