Wildest Dreams, and mental filters for a movie

Once upon a time

Once when you were mine

I remember skies

Reflected in your eyes

I wonder where you are

I wonder if you

Think about me

Once upon a time

In your wildest dreams”

“Once the world was new

Our bodies felt the morning dew

That greets the brand new day

We couldn’t tear ourselves away

I wonder if you care

I wonder if you still remember

Once upon a time

In your wildest dreams”

– Snippet from “Your Wildest Dreams”, by the Moody Blues

I’ve always loved that song – and it (and another song) always have brought to mind an old friend of mine from High School.  Something odd happened a couple years after High School, and we drifted apart.  I can never really put my finger on why, but, I have some thoughts on that I’ll eventually organize in my mental file folders.  At one point she tracked me down, and gave me her email address.   But for some reason I can’t fathom, I didn’t get back in touch with her after she went through that effort.

Then it became my turn – I spent some time trying to track her down (unsuccessfully, until someone from the same HS happened to run across me, and we got to yacking).  It had actually become one of my big goals at the end of 2006 – find her.  And now finally, we’re in touch.

Everytime I hear that song, there’s this strange romantic notion that somewhere she’s hearing the same thing, pondering the same question.  For a guy who tends to maintain he’s not a romantic, I do have some “strange romantic notions” from time to time.

Still, you have to wonder – after all these years, if I connect a song with her, why didn’t I make contact sooner?  Eh – the human mind is always full of stupid little complexities like that.  Yet another set of things I need to organize in my mental file folders.

The same day that I got a note from her, I also finished the first draft of the movie.  It’s absolute crap.  But it’s fixable crap – the premise works, some of the scenes are pretty good, and the flow works well.  Right up until the end.  UG.  However, I’m rather fond of the rough version of the introduction narrative:

“This is one of those moments that you look back on it later and realize this was a really really stupid idea.  In this particular case, we decided, with a great lack of knowledge I might add, to make a movie.  If we had any real knowledge of what it takes to make a movie, we would have never done it.  We’re dumb, but not that dumb.

It never occurs to most people to make a movie beyond the typical fantasy moment of “oh, gee, I could do that” sort of thinking.  Your brain has filters for this type of irrational thought – it suddenly applies reality to the fantasy, and you drop the notion quickly.

But there are situations that the brain forgets to apply that filter.  In this particular case, it’s caused by a need for money and the need for a feeling of success.  Ok, so mostly it was really ego.”

Oh, it’s far from perfect – but it captures the essence of what we’re about to do.  The funny one was meeting with the Director / Director of Photography today, and he had his daughter with him.  She knew nothing about what we were up to, until that moment.  When she found out, she bust out laughing.  The director looks at me and says “Well, her filter is working just fine!” :-)  I’m sure during the process of all this insanity, we’ll be using that mental filter bit quite often. 

I’ve managed to line up how most of this is going to work – though there’s still a couple of questions, like exactly where we’re going to shoot the film at.  It has a low number of locations, but, right now the number of locations we have available are also low… well, zero to be exact.  But I’d rather the script pass through it’s first set of revisions first, then we’ll start looking at locations for shooting.  And there’s still some geeky questions about things like which equipment set we’ll be using (if I had an extra $2k laying around, we’d be shooting on some really nice equipment.  As it is, we’ll be using good, but far from the best.)

It’s going to be two weeks or so before the next revision of the script – at which point we’ll put out a casting call.  That’s gonna be sooo much fun!  Luckly, I don’t have to deal with casting – the director has to deal with that.  I’ve got enough hats as it is – I just get to kick back and make fun of him during that process 🙂


Oh I have a feeling your friend has thought about you more than you know…isnt the world a magical place?

Posted by Taylor on Jan 23, 2007 1:35 AM
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The Real Midnight Ryder 

Ya know what – those are some of the greatest words that friend could ever say.  The world would truely be a magical place, where romantic notions do exist as reality if my friend really did think about me.  I think I like the idea of living in a world like that – and so, now I do.

Posted by The Real Midnight Ryder on Jan 23, 2007 2:48 AM
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