got one the scales here at work today.  I’m getting close to breaking the
200 mark – I’m now at 204.  Not bad – I’m impressed.

just hired the level designer for Trajectory.  He had some good sample work,
and he’s very open to whatever I want, instead of what he wants.  Good.

Marketing Director, on the other hand, seems to have conceptual problems.
 He apparently thought that all he was going to be involved with  was 3D
games like Trajectory, and none of the puzzle games.  Well, shit, why would
I have MENTIONED them in the first place?  So I had to set him straight on
the issue, that it indeed was part of his job.

I’m currently doing
something game releated, but not Trajectory releated.  I’m writing up a how
to document on starting a game company.  It sounds like a silly thing to
be doing, but, too many people are under some strange misconceptions about
game development and game business in general. So I figured I’d write down
what I know from experience and from talking with experts in the field.  Fun

Back to work…

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