Aw hell…

Well, yet another fucked up day, thanks to virus authors (on in particular, who wrote the Klez series of viruses) Had some really really strange shit go on with to machines that had been previously infected, disinfected, AV software re-installed, etc. Won’t go into the full thing here, but, it’s definitely some fucked up shit goin’ on.

Needless to say, this pretty much shot any chance of getting half the stuff done that I wanted to. *SIGH* Oh well – there’s always another day.

The new supplements showed up – ECDY HP Max, and Synthovol 2. WELL… they taste like shit. Actually Synthovol 2 doesn’t taste too bad – kind of a fruit punch flavor, which isn’t my favorite. Ecdy is well… indescribeably bad. Shit would definitely have a more mild flavor I’m sure. The name for the flavor is supposed to be Fire And Ice Flavor. What the hell does that describe? Normally, a bad flavor would be no big deal – just gulp the shit down, and get it over with, right? WRONG, in the case of Ecdy. YOu have to put a teaspoon and a half in your mouth, and SWISH IT AROUND FOR 30 SECONDS! What the hell sort of torture program is this supposed to be? I know my facial muscles are getting a workout, you should see the faces I make.

The first time I took it (I’ve taken two doses now) I tried to wash it down with the Synthovol 2. Ooops… fruit punch flavor and Fire and Ice Flavor do NOT mix. I damned near spit out the Synthovol when I swallowed (yeah, the torture isn’t just in the front of the mouth – when you swallow, there’s a feel at the back of your throat that is just… ug.) Next time I washed it down with water first, then drank the Synthovol – that was an improvement. Next time I’ll try washing it down with Tea, and see how that goes instead.

I try and look at it like an old saying: Each morning when you wake up, swallow a live frog. Nothing worse can happen to you for the rest of the day. Of course, in my case, I have to take it twice a day. Bummer.

Not positive what the effects of it are yet – until the virus infection today, I was in a wonderful mood. I felt a little more intense and focused when the infection did happen, but, not sure if there was any effect from the Cocktail o’ Makin’ Manly Hormones And Muscles that caused that. Otherwise, I’ve been in a really good mood. Forgot to eat anything around 3 PM, so I’m a bit tired and brought down now – but that will improve with a snack and a short nap.

As for my body it’s self – I’d swear I’m bigger muscle wise than I was when I went to bed. As in, visibly so. My forearms and biceps are just a bit larger, or there’s a little less fat, one or the other. I’m used to getting results a little faster than most people when I bother to start a workout regeme, but, this is kinda silly – daily changes aren’t really supposed to be noticable IMHO. This is just… cooool 🙂

Of course, the upside to that sort of thing is that I have to wonder what I’m going to look like tomarrow, the next day, next week, and next month.

Actually, now that I think about it, I suppose daily changes should be expected. Ecdy HP Max is supposed to give 7% increase in muscle in 11 days. I’m also taking Cytovol and BetaGen to reduce muscle canabalism during heavy workouts. And I tone up pretty quickly naturally. And of course I’ve got all the ‘normal’ stuff I take – amino acids for quick healing, chromium picolinate for weight control and dense muscle, and regular multi-vitamins. Combinin’ it all, I suppose I should be turnin’ into a muscle bound freak rather quickly.

I’ve also discovered a good deal of strength in an area I didn’t expect – my Abs. I was surprised how much friggin’ weight and reps with the weight I can do. I’ve been doing things Pyramid Style so that I build up endurance in the muscles – start at 10 or 20, move all the way to the maximum that you can do, then go back down the scale (in some ways, it works the same as Heabo’s BFL stuff, which convinces your muscles to work a bit past normal exhaustion levels, which has a good deal more effect.) With abs last night I started at 10, went all the way to 90, and back down. I actually started to do 100, but, after about the 5th one I decided it was probably unhealthy – the last thing I want to do is hurt myself just as things are going so well already.

The pyramid isn’t workin’ so well with some of the other muscle groups – triceps and pecks have no problems with it, but, my byceps seem to not have much endourance just yet. I need to do a little research when I get the chance to see if I’m missing something important. After about 40 lbs, they feel like rubber and I really can’t go on any further. Really messed up.

Well, I’m outta – time ta go home, and go out with Heabo and eat Thai food tonight, then workout 🙂



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