Wonderful workouts…

Obviously things are going well with my workouts. Yesterday, my max on the ab machine was 90 for a set, and 100 for a almost set. Today, it was 120 for a set, and 130 for an almost set (only 6 reps – then my body said “Sorry, that’s it!” 😉 Not bad at all. The machine only goes up to 150, so, it shouldn’t take too long to max it out at this rate 😉 My biceps weren’t nearly as rubbery, and finally stared workin’ on some slightly more serious weight – slightly. I was only doin’ 40 lbs on the curls. Oh well.

While I was there, I found out what happens when ya max out a machine – you start thowin’ everything you can find on top of the weight stack! Some guy was doing the rowing pull on the cybex cluster… 200 lbs wasn’t enough for him (I top out at about 120, for a sense of scale here). So the scrounged up every 5 lb addon weight they could find, and then threw a couple of barbells on top. At minimum, he was doin’ 250 lbs. Wow – I was friggin’ impressed!

Had an a moment of clarity – I can RIP CD’S ON THIS NEW MACHINE! So, I poked a hole in the firewall (Heabo isn’t behind it yet) and allowed her to log into it (password protected – I hate open shares, ‘specially on a net connected device) When I started with MP3’s, it was a new technology – top of the line CD drives were 8x (and I had one :-), and horsepower was pretty low on machines. Finding MP3’s was a PAIN IN THE ASS, since it wasn’t indexed, and there wasn’t anything like Napster or similar P2P software out there. After Napster came out, I quit ripping my own CD’s – I had an ISDN line, and it was faster to download MP3’s than rip them more often than not.

Fast foward to today’s technology – holy shit! It’s what, a minute to rip the entire CD and compress to MP3 format now? Unbelieveable – I never really had thought about that as an application for this new hardware, but damned it’s nice. A good portion of Heabo’s collection is setting in my office at the moment, being ripped onto my machine. I keep havin’ to stop typin’ so I swap CD’s out 🙂 Damn I love this hardware!

The other thing I realized is that I can finally run some of the high-end WinAMP visualization stuff. I always like that sorta thing, but, some of the cooler ones ran pretty doggy on my machine. Need to get the second monitor setup properly on this machine, then I can run it on the second monitor when I’m not using it for programming notes.

Modern technologies is full of ‘simple’ wonders 😉

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