It’s raining, it’s pooring…

MMMmmm – rain. Nice, wonderful rain. And LOTS of it! This puts a hitch in my plans of pullin’ the Caddy radiator tonight (mainly because I need to drain the rest of the coolant system – hard to collect it into a bucket when it’s being diluted by rain water and runnin’ all over the place!) It’s supposed to continue to rain today and tonight. Perfect 🙂 It will make the trees and plants very happy – I’ll have to watch and see if one of my cold-damaged vines survives!

Contemplating makin’ the new trowing arm out of metal instead of wood. I’ve got some spare parts from tearing down the fence that I kept for just such an occasion. Nice light ‘T’ metal design, so it keeps a good amount of impact resistance, but, is farly lightweight. Thinking of making a wrap of some sort for it, to make it look like wood so it fits with the mideval appearance of the Onager (it really does look nice!) Not sure how I’ll pull that off.

I guess since it’s going to continue to rain today, I’ll work on my armor for a bit tonight. I’d love to have it ready for Newman RenFair, but, I’m sure it won’t get done in time. Too much shit do to. But I’ve almost got it designed (it’s fairly simple, but, there’s quite a bit of little details that goes with it to make it as authentic as possible. Plus, I discovered that some of the original stuff I was looking at was five DIFFERENT sets of armor – General, Official, Charioteer, Archer, and Soldjer. The latter is the goal – I like the design the best, and it’s the most fitting conceptually. But it’s considerably more complicated than some of the other stuff I’ve seen. The Roman version, for instance, is MUCH simpler. Which is funny that it’s so much more ornate – it was designed around 100 BC. Sheesh!


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Oh yeah – one more thing. Kinda disturbing, in fact. I’m using Mozilla on Win32 a bit, just to check out how it’s evolved. Problem – I can out-type mozzila in one of these text boxes. I don’t know what the problem is, but, it’s disturbing, and I never realized exactly how much I expect my words on screen to show up at the same time that I type them – the lag between typing a sentence and watching it end is just bizzare!

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we got more. knocked tohe power out last night, blew over two trees in the yard, tore our fence into kindling. I couldn’t get to work today due to the debreis in the road. and the flooding! oh boy.

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Yeeks. We haven’t really had any storms yet – a couple o’ windy days, but, no serious punch to ’em. We should start seein’ real storms sometime soon. However, I do NOT want to see my fence scattered all over the neighborhood – Heabo and I spent too much money and effort for that!

Well, the upside is you got a day off from work!

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