I’ve been a’ workin’ in a coal mine, goin’ down down…

Well, I ALMOST got the Caddy radiator pulled last night. Drained it, and started to unbolt everything. Did you know that Caddy’s have a oil-cooler that’s attached to the radiator? I didn’t. It’s not the first time that I’ve seen an oil cooler – some Conquest’s have an oil-cooled turbo that has a cooler that sets in front of the radiator, beside the AC coils. Caddy’s apparently have one that’s part of the radiator core. I found this out when I pulled off one of the oil lines (wondered what the heck those were! 😉 Well, so much for re-using the radiator fluid – since now it’s oiled radiator fluid!

Got to the point where I was pulling out the fans, and went inside for a break. Patty called – one of the horses (Gunther) had slipped and fell in a creek, really tearing up his two hind legs pretty badly. So we went out to the farm to help – originally, I thought we were gonna have to help with gettin’ Gunther outta the creek, but, Larry managed to get him outta there, and onto a trailer. Mainly helped by goin’ and getting the hay and a couple other things.

Managed to get some more work on the next game, titled Trajectory. Made quite a few changed on the scripting side of the game. I’ve only got two major game functions left to build up – dynamic terrain transformation, and dynamic terrain lighting (to go with deformation of terrain.) Unluckly, it looks like those pieces are gonna be done all in the main engine – remember me cussin’ about 200,000+ lines of code? That’s what I gotta work on. Eeks. I’ve narrowed it down a bit of course, but, it’s still a quite large task to undertake.

After that, then I’ve just gotta build new weapons, and modify the game interface. At that point, it will be playable (actually, it is right now, just there’s only one weapon type, and it’s cumbersome to play.) Then, it’s content development time – gotta build the player bases (requiring that I finally spend money on the tool that I need.), levels, and new explosions. (I already have the default explosion done. REALLY nice lookin’ too – don’t think I remember seeing anything quite like it in any other 3D game.) Then it’s on to final UI design. If I can keep up my current development pace, I’ll make my 2 month goal easily.

As for the subject line – It’s from Devo’s “Working In A Coal Mine”. I got my Kansas Small Mine Safety card today. Blah. But I have gotten quite a bit of work done (I’m actually typing this on my lunch hour – took it late so I could get the CEI webpages almost done.) It’s a good day so far 🙂

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