Time to adjust stuff….

EEks… time to change my vitamins. Actually, I suppose the two items in question can’t be considered vitamins, but, supplements – whatever ya wanna call ’em. I keep my metabolism fairly tightly wound, and part of it is using products like Xenadrene to do it. In my belief, it’s part of what keeps me from balloonin’ up to about 300 pounds.
5 days a week I take about a dozen pills – 6 of them are one of those vitamin packs (I prefer a single vitamin to do it all, but, I’m tryin’ to use up what we have left, and Heabo gets the Daily One vitamin packs from TwinLabs.) I take a joint pill (MSM and Glucosamine – if ya got joint problems, after about a month it does wonders. Reminds me of soakin’ my hands in WD-40 when I’ve got artritis problems!) A hair and nail formula (which sucks – my nails grow **FAST** and strong normally. After takin’ this stuff my nails grow about 1/8″ or more a week. I take it for my hair, but, the extra effect sucks.) Sometimes I take 5HTP (St. Johns Wort on steriods essentially. About twice as strong. Usually one pill every two weeks, just to keep my mood ballanced.) An amino acid complex (with damned near EVERYTHING in it for amino acids. I keep tryin’ to find one that’s more complete with two other aminos I’m lookin’ for in it, but, no dice. ‘Specially not in TwinLabs brand (my favorite)) Used to take Chromium Picolinate separately, but, two different things I take now have it in there already. (I don’t actually take it for the obvious weight loss and muscle tone reasons – Dr. Morgan perscribe that I pretty much use it for life. One of the side effects is that it slightly decreases the potential for skin cancer, which is a concern for me because of my mother.) Then there are the two questionable ones: TwinLabs Super Vanadyl formula, and Xenadrene.
Xenadrene is supposed to be taken as two pills, twice a day. I’m over sensative to something in it, and can’t take two twice a day – one twice a day is absoluete max, otherwise I feel like my heart is gonna explode through the front of my chest. It’s got some dangerous stuff in it – Ephedrine and Synephrine (sp?). The Super Vanadyl formula, on the other hand, ends up doubling up that just a bit with some Majhong in it (which breaks down into being exactly the same thing.) So I take one Xenadrine and one Super Vanadyl per day normally.
A lot of weight products use similar stuff, and there’s a reason why people have died from it – they don’t listen to thier body, and suddenly they have heart problems. It doesn’t take much to over do it on that stuff. Well, for some reason today my body decided enough was enough, and made it’s point clear – quit mixin’ ’em. I coughed in someone else’s office while I was helping them with a mouse problem, and everything became slightly surreal. My heart rate jumped through the ceiling (fast enough and hard enough I couldn’t keep track of my heart rate!) and the lights in the room became to bright and slightly ‘stary’. Eeks! I was at the end of what I was doing, so I walked back to my office, sat down, took a deep breath, and pulled my heart rate back down. (Which was also kinda strange – instead of the normal ‘ramp down’ when I lower my heart rate, it went from overdrive to normal in the span of one beat, both for intensity and speed.)
I was mainly takin’ both so that I could get rid of the Xenadrine – I noted before I left this morning there was only one left, then I could just take the Super Vanadyl. I think I’ll just throw out that last pill tonight, and stick with the Super Vanadyl formula 🙂 (I trust TwinLabs products fairly well – I’ve not had adverse affects from anything of theres. The Xenadrine was a weight loss attempt when I first bought it, but I never really trusted the stuff after trying to take thier recommended dose. It really fucked me up for two days, one with my system revved WAY too high, and the next with my body tryin’ to recover from it.)
Lesson learned – if you don’t trust it in the first place, don’t fuck with it, and definitely don’t mix it with something else. I would feel pretty damned embarrased setting at an emergency room explainin’ to the attendent that my heart attack was self inflicted! Back to safer avenues for keepin’ my metabolisim cranked up. Is it any wonder that I’m a caffene and nicotine freek?

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