Well, it figures. It’s very rare that I get self-concious about my body. I ain’t THAT bad looking, ‘specially compaired to a lot of the ugly mugs I see on the street. And a little Dunlaps disease is no big deal. (Dunlap’s is one of my favorite expressions, because it’s got muliple meanings – either ‘Dun Lapped over my belt’ or a reference to the tire company.)

So here I am, workin’ by butt off (well, not my butt – there’s not that much there to start with, but you know what I mean) and suddenly… I’m self-concious about my belly. I’ve got about half the amount stickin’ out there now that I did three months ago, and NOW I’m self-concious about it. *SIGH* The mind works in funny ways.

The Ecdy Max HP seems to be good stuff. However, I did have about a day and a half that the hormone levels in my body took some adjustment. I’m sure there’s still probably more adjustment to go, of course, but it did catch me off guard when it finally happened. I had been watching for it, and it still slipped in under my radar. Oh well.

Trajectory is getting more and more interesting – wrote a couple of new mutator weapons. Stuff like a multi-missle – the longer it’s in the air, the more times it multiples. Cluster bomb does what it sounds like. Bombing Run is interesting – throws out a missle that drops missles below it ever 1/4 second, straight down.

Also looks like Heabo and I will be re-financing the house, and pretty much writting off our entire debts using it. This will be sweet if it happens. We could also, if we wanted to, pay off the house in 5 Years, 2 months on this plan. Wow. And for once, Heabo didn’t have to do all the financial work behind it 😉

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