Pleasant surpises….

ONe nice set of plesant surpises so far today. Yesterday Heabo and I were talkin’, and she said I could buy my leather for my armor. After doin’ a bunch of other stuff, I declared (out of the blue) that I was going to buy my leather tomarrow, and hang it on the shop wall to remind me what the hell I really want to get done.

So I did. I bought my $185 half-a-damned-cow piece of leather… for $105. Cool – I like budgeting for one thing, and getting it for a little less 🙂 Then I went and bought the new Arbor for the side of the house. Marked $99, chatted with the lady for a bit about it, and for some reason she marked it down to $89. Another bonus.

I’ll probably try and convince Heabo to hold back the extra left over from the armor – that way, if I need a little more, or some parts for it, then I can get handle it without worryin’ about the budget too much.

After I get the garden taken care of, I can *FINALLY* build my new armor, and go play 🙂

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